Snowboard Handling Etiquette

It is important to handle oldsnowboards with care.   This would seem to be obvious yet time and time again I see boards being damaged due to poor handling.   Some of the most common handling foo-pas are:  “Spinning” the board on it’s tail.  Setting it down on the pavement or hard surface.   “Stacking” multiple boards without protection between them.   Allowing boards to slide or strike each other.

Some additional basics of board handling:  ASK!! “may I check out this snowboard?”    This is particularly important if you are meeting another collector for the first time.   The collector does NOT know you or your handling skills.  Respect and acknowledge that he/she is allowing you to handle a prized possession.    If you want to start off on the right foot ,  use your foot to hold the tail off the ground!!     I carry a small chunk of carpet for just this use (Hint, an old car mat works well).

Know this :   Much of the damages on oldsnowboards is NOT from being ridden,  it is from poor handling and storage methods.     EVERY time a board is handled it is in danger of adding more damage that is difficult if not impossible to repair FOREVER!!   Use appropriate care!!!   You should NOT assume that you have some sort of right to touch other collectors boards!!!