Jul 152010

mike jacoby snowboarder by Randy Neves /kgw.com / Posted on July 12, 2010 at 11:27 AM

PORTLAND, Ore. — Multiple former world champion snowboarder Mike Jacoby was seriously injured while mountain biking last week near Hood River. Jacoby was flown to OHSU in Portland where officials said he was in serious condition and not up to talking. The 41-year-old was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. His father says the chin strap was broken during the crash but the cause of the accident is unknown.

“He’s unconscious but he does respond. He’ll move things and he can purposely move his feet and legs,” said Mike’s father Marshall Jacoby.

Friends said the world champion alpine snowboarder was found about 30 minutes after the accident near his home in Hood River with a broken jaw and a head injury.

“You try to prepare for this sort of thing, considering the activities he’s engaged in, but you can’t really prepare for it. That’s for sure.”

The Olympian has a snowboard trick named after him called the “J-tear.”

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Over due update. Mike has made nearly a full recovery.  All the Drs. limitations have been lifted and he continues to enjoy every minute of each day riding, hiking, surfing etc.  We are all so glad “MIKE IS BACK”

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