Collector of vintage snowboards for more than 30 years.  I enjoy sharing my collection with others.   Love to see collections large and small from all around the world!!

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I hope to continue to build my personal collection over the coming years.   I have a "Short List" of what I am seeking.   I will share that here at some point.

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I have learned a lot over the years. I hope to create a place where we as a group can share what we have learned.   How to collect effectively, preserve without damaging these precious historic snowboards , etc.

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Snowboarding has changed my life.   Since the mid 80s I have been spending much of my time in the pursuit of Powder , Perfect Groomers and Sessions with friends in the great outdoors.  My personal collection began largely by accident.  Snowboard technology was changing faster than I could unload my old boards.  As a result, I had a line up of boards I had ridden , learned from and moved on to bigger, better snowboards.  The result was a line up of past boards in the garage and I really enjoyed hanging out with friends with the boards as a reminder and backdrop of "Good Times" .   At some point, I became interested in what had come BEFORE my time.   The collection had become it's own entity and was growing:)



Next Steps...

I am currently looking for experienced web design help with WordPress CMS.   I hope to rebuild Oldsnowboards again to its former condition and improve it over the coming years.